Pesticide Detection

Pesticide Detect

A device at the synergy of microfluidics, machine learning and optoelectronics for high precision detection and quantification of pesticides in environment and food

Advanced functionality and versatility

This device is combined with smartphone technologies for the real-time and on-field detection of dangerous pesticide components which not only affect humans directly but also create a huge imbalance in the environment and ecology.

Patented Optoelectronics for better detection

A highly specific optoelectronic circuit is embedded in this device integrating it with smartphone technologies by using IoT and Bluetooth modules for short- and long-term wireless communication

3D printed for better sustainibility

3D printing the deivce offers unparalleled design flexibility, enabling intricate geometries and customizations that traditional manufacturing methods struggle to achieve. Additionally, it reduces material waste and shortens production cycles, fostering cost-efficiency and sustainable practices

Entwining microfluidics and colourimetry

Incorporating microfluidics into colorimetric detection techniques enhances precision by minimizing sample volumes and reaction times, while also enabling seamless automation for high-throughput analysis, revolutionizing diagnostic and research capabilities.

Technical Specifications