Breath Sensor

Breath Monitoring Sensor

A patented breath monitoring sensor crafted from laser-induced graphene technology. Designed for seamless integration with surgical masks, it offers rapid response times and high sensitivity for precise respiratory analysis, ensuring comfort and reliability for users across diverse demographics

Patented Cutting-edge Breath Monitoring

Experience real-time breath analysis with advanced laser-induced graphene technology, ensuring swift and accurate diagnosis for various health conditions.

Adaptable and Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate the sensor with surgical masks for versatile applications across different medical scenarios, promising comfort and ease of use for users of all demographics

Reliable Performance

Enjoy rapid response times and stable operation over extended periods, guaranteeing consistent and precise data output in diverse environmental conditions

Future-Ready Innovation

Explore endless possibilities for expansion and enhancement, paving the way for advancements in humidity and temperature monitoring, as well as identification of volatile organic compounds, ensuring continuous evolution in healthcare technology

Technical Specifications

Highlighted Publications

Priya, R., Dubey, S. K., & Goel, S. (2023). Non-Invasive Clean Room Free Printed Piezoresistive Breath Sensor for Point of Care Application. IEEE Sensors Journal.