Elevating Healthcare Innovation: Empowering Accurate Diagnostics with Advanced Sensor Solutions. From DNA amplification to urea, ammonia, and cysteine detection, we're dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare 

Isothermal DNA Amplification

IoT enabled RPA based device with integrated optoelectronics for DNA Amplification and Photometric Detection

Urea & Ammonia Dual Detection

IoT-Enabled colorimetric device for dual detection of ammonia and urea in blood serum.

Breath Sensor

A Kirigami-based stretchable, flexible Laser induced Graphene (LIG) a 3-D carbon nanomaterial, for real-time attachments with surgical masks


Pioneering a Greener Tomorrow: Crafting Cutting-Edge Sensors for Precise Environmental Insights. From pesticide to soil nutrients and beyond, we're redefining environmental monitoring

Colorimetric Pesticide Detection

A device at the synergy of microfluidics and optoelectronics for high precision detection and quantification of pesticides in environment and food